appearance and attire guidelines

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Due to Health Department guidelines and food safety issues, as restaurant team members, we must follow these rules:

- Masks are optional

- Gloves and hair nets are mandatory for BOH

- Facial hair guard is required for BOH team members

- Gloves are mandatory for baggers

- Nametag is mandatory

- Nametag must always on the right side of shirt

- Uniform must be pressed and clean

- Shirts must be tucked in

- Shoes must be solid black slip-resistant

- Socks must be black, long covering ankle

- Drive-thru reflective safety wear is required and used properly (locked in the front)

- Long hair must be tied back and restrained using a hair accessory

- Natural hair color is acceptable

- False eyelashes are unacceptable

- False fingernails and nail polish must not be worn

- Earrings must not have any gemstones, plain studs only.

- No cell phone on your person allowed (team member and team leader)

- No smart watch for BOH team members

For more detailed information, please check the file above.