Record Sales


Record Sales

WOW! So exciting! We are happy to say that today, we broke our Sales Record!!! It was the busiest restaurant sales day since 2013!!! We are so proud of each one of you! Customers keep coming back because of YOU! We have an amazing team at Chick-fil-A Kissimmee and we just keep getting better and stronger together!

We understand that Guests ALWAYS come FIRST, that we need to be ATTENTIVE & COURTEOUS, follow CORE 4 at every interaction with each guest! We are here to serve! Keep up with the great work!

Please enjoy a FREE Large Shake! Let's celebrate! Please make sure to redeem it by Friday, March 15th.

Next 2 records to break: Daily Sales (over $25,420.23) and Drive-Thru Transactions during 1 hour peak time (record is 124 cars in 1 hour)!!