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Financial Coach - Seminar


Financial Coach - Seminar

Hello Team,

We are happy to let you know that we will be offering a FREE Seminar with a Financial Coach on 8/15 at 3pm! Financial freedom is so important for our lives, but schools never taught us!

Guilherme Berenguer is a famous actor, successful businessman and a certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach. He will be at our restaurant for about an hour to teach you:

- how to get out of debt
- how to setup a monthly budget
- handling money in relationships
- paying off student loans
- how to create an emergency fund
- how to prepare to buy a home
- planning for retirement
- and much more!

This seminar will be FREE to you, but of GREAT VALUE for your future! We would encourage you to invest in your life and attend this event! Chick-fil-A Kissimmee wants to help you learn how to manage your finances and have financial peace!

Please click on this link to sign up:

Chick-fil-A Kissimmee

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