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Quarterly Leadership Meeting!


Quarterly Leadership Meeting!

Hello team,

Our entire leadership team met this Sunday to talk about our plans for 2023! Each of our Directors spoke about their departments and Nirel spoke about the Culture Council!

- Renato spoke about the State of the Business
- Jerome spoke about our Vision, Purpose and Values, How We Compete and Win, Our Employee Promise and our Business Framework!
- Aaron spoke about our Focus and Goals for 2023 (Championship Mindset) and CEM Scores
- Adaline spoke about our Training Department and goals for 2023
- Nick spoke about our Policies and Procedures
- Nirel spoke about the Culture Council

We had a very productive meeting! Our team will be sharing with you many of the information we talked about today in the weeks to come!

Thank you to all our leaders for being so engaged and working hard to grow our organization and our team!

We are stronger together!

CFA Kissimmee

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