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We broke our daily sales record today!!


We broke our daily sales record today!!

Hello family,

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Today, we broke our daily Sales Record since 2013 - we sold $31,245.76!! What a milestone! Our previous Sales Record was $31,500. We have been investing our time on performing CORE 4, increasing our CEM scores such as Taste, Temperature, Cleanliness, Fast Service, Attentive & Courteous, Overall Satisfaction!

If we continue to make the Guests our Number 1 priority be Winning Hearts Everyday, we will continue to grow our local business and grow ourselves.

We want to celebrate you and thank you for all of your hard work! We have an amazing team/family at CFA Kissimmee!! So so proud of you!! Keep it up!!! Let's continue to brake other records in 2023!!

Chick-fil-A Kissimmee

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