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Quarterly Leadership Meeting


Quarterly Leadership Meeting

Hello family,

Today, our Leadership Team met to talk about our business. We went over the following topics:

- Vision, Values, Purpose
- How we compete and win - Top Talent, Systems Dependent, Operational Excellence and Community Impact! This has been our strategy!
- Our Business Framework
- Year over Year Sales
- Organizational Chart
- Winning Hearts Every Day
- CEM Score
- Dining Room and Drive-Thru Initiatives
- Speed and Accurate Service
- Third Party Sales - We are seeing a huge increase
- Training and Expectations
- Financial Stewardship
- Policies and Procedures
- Culture Council

Please some time to speak with your Manager within this week to get more information on any of these topics!

We are so proud of you and everything that we have been able to accomplish together!
Thank you for all you do!

Chick-fil-A Kissimmee

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